If the design has no more limits and is entering our homes, with the tailor-made processing of metal sheets, you are able to generate new solutions for both interior details and real home deco on facades of buildings, houses or offices. The great advantage of these solutions is the raw material used. Sheet metal, generally of metal, has a low starting production cost, which depending on the imagination that we are able to release, takes on variable costs depending on the processing that is going to develop.

Are you thinking where to use small design features?

You can customize the whole house, starting from the protection of the facades, then “cushioning” the possibility of a wall being exposed directly to water, or to the sun, or simply to give a more particular form: wave sheet if you like the sea, or fully flowered, if you use it as a lattice for climbing plants.
Gutters and drainage channels for rainwater, are the immediate uses to which our mind takes us back, but imagine them colored or perforated able to recreate the threads of water, almost small waterfalls appeared on the island that there is not .
Even banisters and gates are good for this type of material because it allows you to play with full and empty, I see and I can not see, then create more or less privacy according to our needs and our privacy.
The sheet metal sheets can also act as excellent applications for acoustic, electrical or thermal insulation, obviously correctly combined with other insulation materials.

On the other hand, if we think of industrial or commercial uses, we can not but imagine partition walls, walls for furniture or to develop new proposals in the field of lighting technology.

There is a great advantage in using this material. Being particularly ductile you can work to meet the most different requirements of each customer, (there are specialized companies such as, for example, Actis Furio in Milan ) and you can think for different sizes and thicknesses. In fact, there is no limit in its construction, because if it is a unique and wide wall, you can easily proceed with welding, while for small jobs there are machines that can recreate even tiny details. More or less thick knits, particular textures, personalized colors, are all important details for the consumer, but they are excellent solutions if we think about the environment, since these finishes are entirely recyclable and require very little maintenance.
Another advantage is their longevity. They deteriorate over time, and can take “vintage” effects depending on the weather they are exposed to, but in fact they are a good compromise between aesthetics and practicality.