At some point in time, we all encounter the legal system, and the way you prepare yourself to face the law determines the outcomes. It might be an adoption case, inheritance case, criminal proceedings, a lawsuit, and more. It might not necessarily mean that you have to commit an offense to be a subject of a lawsuit. In either way, getting legal aid is paramount, lest the ruling favors against you. Some of us might have some level of experience in the courts’ matters, but we might have no clue how to handle such cases.

That’s why we have legal aid services where attorneys give advice, defend us, and guide us through the law’s process. Whether you need legal aid or you can handle the case on your own is your decision to make, but if you want to get through these processes without too much hassle, getting legal aid is inevitable. Another question that follows after determining whether you require legal assistance is affordability. Can I afford legal aid services? Many legal professionals charge differently and with different terms.

Type of court cases

There are two main types of court cases, we have the criminal and civil suits, and there are two types of courts, federal and state. Let’s delve into federal court cases right away!

Federal court cases

A criminal case is when a person is accused of having committed a crime, for example, an assault or defamation. In comparison, a civil case happens when there is a disagreement between individuals or organisations. A bankruptcy case is when a person cannot pay his or her debts, and the court decides to share liabilities among those who owe and erase them for the person to have a fresh start. An appeal case is when a case ruled earlier is brought back to the court because something was not right during the previous trial. When your case is in a federal court, it is a sure thing to have legal aid.

State court cases

State court cases are on a smaller scale than federal court cases. When two people are in courts for small claims less than $10k, and where no one can hire a lawyer, it is the state courts that will handle the cases. And if people sue one another for property damages or injury, we refer to these cases as general civil and often handled in state courts. In the case of couples divorcing, family law in the state courts decides how to settle and divide assets, decide the custody of children, adoptions, and child support. Another case in state law courts is tenant and landlord disputes. It normally involves a tenant claiming for deposits or a landlord seeking to evict a tenant. Probate involves cases of wills and how to handle estates and properties for people who cannot take care of the property. Cases involving minors are referred to as juvenile cases. It happens when a child who is under the legal age commits a crime.


Why you need legal aid

We have heard of people who tried to represent themselves in cases but fail miserably. The truth is, we often don’t know how to explain ourselves. You might have the facts but without an explicit way to tell it to a judge, and we might complicate things instead. Bell Dixon Butler offer legal aid in Hervey Bay. If ever you are in a legal bind, give them a call.