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As a strategic partner we craft digital-first brand programs, interactive experiences, and eCommerce flagships that differentiate and resonate in today’s consumer-centric, ever changing business environment.

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From B2B to B2C websites, Buzz Interactive provides quality web design services,

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Our eCommerce design starts and ends with a best-in-class experience strategy that builds brands and drives transactions.

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The future of UX / UI is complex, and our partners rely on us to help them simplify it. We design websites, applications, and digital products that build modern brands and form authentic relationships.


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Many people looking for creative agency services approach us with ideas that feel unattainable. We like to take those ideas and breathe life into them. Our full-service multi-channel approach allows our team to lend insight across your entire organization to develop creative and technical solutions that exceed the bounds of your imagination.

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Why You Need Legal Aid in Hervey Bay

Why You Need Legal Aid in Hervey Bay

At some point in time, we all encounter the legal system, and the way you prepare yourself to face the law determines the outcomes. It might be an adoption case, inheritance case, criminal proceedings, a lawsuit, and more. It might not necessarily mean that you have to commit an offense to be a subject of a lawsuit. In either way, getting legal aid is paramount, lest the ruling favors against you. Some of us might have some level of experience in the courts’ matters, but we might have no clue how to handle such cases.

That’s why we have legal aid services where attorneys give advice, defend us, and guide us through the law’s process. Whether you need legal aid or you can handle the case on your own is your decision to make, but if you want to get through these processes without too much hassle, getting legal aid is inevitable. Another question that follows after determining whether you require legal assistance is affordability. Can I afford legal aid services? Many legal professionals charge differently and with different terms.

Type of court cases

There are two main types of court cases, we have the criminal and civil suits, and there are two types of courts, federal and state. Let’s delve into federal court cases right away!

Federal court cases

A criminal case is when a person is accused of having committed a crime, for example, an assault or defamation. In comparison, a civil case happens when there is a disagreement between individuals or organisations. A bankruptcy case is when a person cannot pay his or her debts, and the court decides to share liabilities among those who owe and erase them for the person to have a fresh start. An appeal case is when a case ruled earlier is brought back to the court because something was not right during the previous trial. When your case is in a federal court, it is a sure thing to have legal aid.

State court cases

State court cases are on a smaller scale than federal court cases. When two people are in courts for small claims less than $10k, and where no one can hire a lawyer, it is the state courts that will handle the cases. And if people sue one another for property damages or injury, we refer to these cases as general civil and often handled in state courts. In the case of couples divorcing, family law in the state courts decides how to settle and divide assets, decide the custody of children, adoptions, and child support. Another case in state law courts is tenant and landlord disputes. It normally involves a tenant claiming for deposits or a landlord seeking to evict a tenant. Probate involves cases of wills and how to handle estates and properties for people who cannot take care of the property. Cases involving minors are referred to as juvenile cases. It happens when a child who is under the legal age commits a crime.


Why you need legal aid

We have heard of people who tried to represent themselves in cases but fail miserably. The truth is, we often don’t know how to explain ourselves. You might have the facts but without an explicit way to tell it to a judge, and we might complicate things instead. Bell Dixon Butler offer legal aid in Hervey Bay. If ever you are in a legal bind, give them a call.


Family Law Solicitors in Brisbane- Things to consider when hiring a family lawyer

Family Law Solicitors in Brisbane- Things to consider when hiring a family lawyer

Hiring the right family law solicitors in Brisbane is crucial when you are going through a troubled time. Divorces can be messy. Add to it the inability to find the right family lawyer and you are faced with a major hurdle. However, the right lawyer would make sure that you come out of the ordeal stronger and safe.

Make sure you keep the following things in mind when hiring a family solicitor in Brisbane.

  • Choose a solicitor who has enough experience handling cases in court. While most of the time family issues are resolved through arbitration, sometimes the case gets complicated and has to be taken to court. In such cases it is essential that you choose an experienced family lawyer who would be able to deal with the matter accordingly.
  • Always go for a lawyer who has the most experience. While there are lawyers who do practice in various genres you need to find someone who exclusively deals in family law. You can find out more by researching on the internet and getting to know from friends or family who have been in similar situation as yours.

  • Find someone you can trust. The relationship between a lawyer and a client should be of utmost trust. If you feel that you can rely on your solicitor completely then only should you be able to hand them over the case. Keep in mind that you would be discussing intimate details of your family with them. So make sure you hire someone reliable and trustworthy. Find out as much as you can about the family solicitor in Brisbane. This is because the process could be a long one and you have to make sure that you have hired someone with whom you can feel comfortable. Having a certain comfort level with your solicitor is important. You should be assured that you can rely on them to provide support when required. Plus they should have enough authority and experience to help you deal with the issues with ease.
  • Choose an attorney whom you can reach out to when necessary. While they are definitely not going to be at your back and call all the time. However, they should be there when necessary. Sometimes you may want to share certain information or be reassured by how things are taking shape.
  • Find a solicitor who is willing to answer your questions. While lawyers are busy people but you should be talking to someone who is willing to give you undivided attention during the time which they have appointed you. A solicitor who keeps talking on the phone on your time isn’t someone you should be relying on. Wanting undivided attention for the hour you are paying is your basic right.
  • Get to know the billing option which they offer. If budget is an issue you should try choosing an attorney who charges accordingly. Find out the solicitors whom you can ire with the budget that you have in mind.

Contact Stone Group family lawyers Brisbane to help you sort out any legal problems.

Things to know before hiring a commercial litigation lawyer in Melbourne

Things to know before hiring a commercial litigation lawyer in Melbourne

Are you looking for a commercial litigation law firm in Melbourne? Have you been wondering what you should know before you actually hire one. Litigation law can be quite complicated. Especially if you haven’t had dealt with litigation in the pat, it can definitely leave you bewildered.

When looking for a commercial litigation lawyer, do make sure that they have the following attribute. This would help ensure that you have made the correct choice.

The right commercial litigation lawyer exudes confidence

Litigation law is quite complex and it takes an experienced and well informed individual to deal in these cases. A lawyer who has dealt with litigation law has a calm demeanor along with a quiet confidence. They know what they should be working towards. However do not mistaken a big ego with confidence. You need to find someone who can reassure you with their knowledge not someone who is just know for making tall claims and not achieving anything concrete.

Good organizational skills

The right lawyer is just not efficient and experienced. They should be organized a well. They should make sure that each of their cases is compartmentalized separately. They should be aware of how thing are progressing and should be able to provide you with regular updates. They are committed to helping their clients achieving their goals and they make sure the play a pivotal role in it.

Honest and upfront

It’s important that your litigation lawyer is honest and upfront from the start. They should be able to help you understand all the legal issues and also be open about how strong your chances are of winning a case. Instead of hiding the facts, the right lawyer makes sure everything is out in the open. While they would ensure to help you in the best way, giving false hopes is a big no.

Have excellent negotiation skills

Normally litigation cases are sorted outside the court and there are very few which enter legal proceedings it’s important that the lawyer should have the right set of kill. However a good litigator makes sure that they make use of their excellent negotiation skills to help solve matter out of court. The whole process should be amiable and hassle free. They need to have a cooperative approach. Lawyers who are more aggressive work better inside the court. The right litigation lawyer needs to make sure that both parties agree on the same set of clauses.

Good communication and persuasive skills

A litigation lawyer should possess an uncanny ability to persuade and communicate both the parties which are involved. They should be able to state everything clearly and in simple language so it is easier to understand.

Make sure that the lawyer you choose has all the above mentioned qualities. Make a list of three or four famous commercial litigation law firms in Melbourne and then make a decision on who you would like to hire to settle your litigation issues.

Corporate Leadership Programs

Corporate Leadership Programs

Leadership programs are tools used by companies and organisations to maintain strong visionary leadership teams. These are programs designed for senior executives to explore levers of breakthroughs and leadership strengths in their companies. These programs also focus on extending knowledge and understanding of business models in the current competitive business landscape.

Features of a successful corporate leadership program include the following:

Personal challenges

The leadership corporate programs are designed to challenge leaders and personalise different contexts of different participants to enhance their unique individual strengths, business goals, and marketing challenges. By using corporate leadership programs, leaders are challenged in their leadership skills for them to solidify their leadership capacities and abilities to champion and lead in designing business models that will bring business excellence and outcomes in the end. These challenges put the participants of the corporate leadership programs in a position to expand perspectives on global challenges facing organisations and economic opportunities plus societal challenges. Of importance is to facilitate personal advancement and priorities.

Breakthrough strategies

Participants of corporate leadership programs assert effort on orchestrating and sustaining viable breakthrough strategies. They reflect on their past successes and aim to better understand their strengths for them to identify their go-to strengths in their quest to improve their leadership skills. The knowledge achieved through this program will benefit them in the long run when combined with the agility to adapt to unique challenges will see them in a better position to tackle them.

Changing marketplace

Corporate leaders are encouraged to draw cutting-edge research opportunities in business on a global case study which investigates and exploits novel opportunities in changing the market landscape. Participants are encouraged to work together in building ways to better understand economic and technological trends. While on these programs, leaders should ensure they gain much from the program for them to be in a position to steer wheel and determine the overall direction that their companies are taking.


These programs give a golden opportunity to the participants to come together for a common benefit. They will share knowledge with diverse backgrounds and from different industries under varied organisational structures, geographical locations, and cultural diversity. This broad-spectrum provides contexts with different high-level challenges which bring together intellectuals to a common professional network.

Surpass limits

Top leaders are where they are because of their flexible leadership skills. Some may have the notion that because they are already at the apex, they know how to lead and no need to advance their knowledge by joining leadership programs. However, there is no limit to advancement in leadership skills. Leaders who want to progressively impact their organisations with quality leadership needs to attend these leadership programs when opportunities to do so present themselves.

Senior executive leaders who attend leadership programs often surpass their limits and can hone new opportunities, champion innovations and lead the way with conviction to meet today and tomorrow’s challenges. Leadership programs are rare to come across because they deal with high-level challenges, so, when they present themselves by luck, leaders should take the opportunity to enrol in mass and be part of transformational power in the corporate leadership development. Top leaders should be role models to the upcoming leaders of tomorrow by showing them that no human is limited and anyone can be where they want to be.

Inkling Group have corporate leadership programs. Send your employees to their courses and see them improve and succeed.




IT support services in Melbourne

IT support services in Melbourne

IT support involves three components: managed services, consultancy IT, and software solutions. For a business to achieve its tangible IT goals and solutions, it should outsource IT services to IT support companies who will give them support and disaster recovery strategies with a road map and proven disaster management track record. This will ensure that data and information are available in the event of lost data due to disaster. IT support companies are obliged to provide undisrupted, effective, and verified IT processes and business solutions. They need to implement comprehensive security systems and measures aimed at securing data which is a sensitive part of the business process and improves efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity of outsourcing business.

Roles of an IT support company in a business enterprise

  • IT support companies provide maintenance of business’ computer hardware and software systems
  • To update and upgrade software systems and programs
  • To install security patches and protocols, backup passwords and access controls and keep access rights to different levels of personnel in a working setup.
  • Monitor network performance to ensure uninterruptible business process and avoid costly downtimes in a business process.
  • Network security and data integrity to shield the business network against hackers by implementing firewalls in systems and other security measures.
  • They are supposed to back up business data so that in case of failures in a business, they offer a shoulder to lean on to business, do fast track services restoration to minimise losses.
  • Provide help desk support to clients of the business and the business owners.
  • They will boost confidence in the SaaS and build credibility with clients to promote the dependability of the business by its clients.
  • An IT support company will help your business by giving competitive pricing and edge by considering the facts of the actual production cost and provide a transparent value of a service that will be acceptable by clients across the board.
  • An IT support company with a reputable status will offer undisputed customer-friendly support that will ensure customer retention, customer referral, and new customer attraction. This will increase the customer base because it takes a professional to leave a customer happy and wanting to come back for more.
  • They will provide monthly and annual network health reports, these reports will be used to improve future network performance and for compensation to clients when huge losses are incurred due to unprecedented downtimes. Network reports form a basis for network system auditors to perform audits and give recommendations.

IT Grade offers IT support for Melbourne businesses. They are ones of the most trusted companies who have helped a lot of businesses in Melbourne with their services.

Cloud services business receive from IT support

A business feels secure when its business service processes and data are backed up and supported on the cloud. Backing up data and information is a critical part of IT which is often overlooked by many businesses and companies. Businesses feel almost 100% secure when their data is stored in a cloud. Little do they know that by thrusting their critical data, on the cloud, hackers can break in and steal vital data. Online storage on the cloud helps provide business process efficiency, effectiveness, and ease of collaboration amongst team members. The benefits of cloud hosting are overwhelming because, in most instances, the need for replacing, sharing, and transferring documents is eliminated. It offers the business a playground with no boundaries. Only those of manage to get clearance from the system administrators and those with qualified access rights to data can access and only them to ensure data integrity enforcement.


SEO vs. Digital Marketing: What’s the Difference?

SEO vs. Digital Marketing: What’s the Difference?

In this age of cut-throat competition, businesses tend to use every tool at their disposal to gain the upper hand on the competition. While previously these tools comprised of physical marketing practices on print and paper along with door to door techniques, it has become a lot cost-effective and easier with the Internet and the advent of social media. A lot of new tools and techniques have come into play which if utilized properly bring about a plethora of benefits for the business and its owner. For example, a marketing company central coast can help you generate leads for your business by leveraging the power of SEO and digital marketing.

For a beginner, they may sound the same but actually, digital marketing is the practice of utilizing the digital medium for marketing purposes. Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short is the practice of helping a website rank better in relevant search results. Let’s explore further.



When searching for something on the Internet, users don’t usually go further than the first or second page of the search results. Search Engine Optimization techniques help your website become more visible in search engines. It helps drive more traffic to your website.

SEO employs targeted keywords as well as phrases related to your business, which are likely to be used as search queries used by customers to find your website. By appearing in the top results of the search engine, your website stands to receive an increased amount of traffic. Other elements of said optimization include the visibility of your website i.e. making it searchable so that the web-crawlers by the search engines can scan them easily. Furthermore, links are an important part of the technique. Distributing content over the internet and having it linked back to your website increases the domain knowledge authority and enhances your visibility, helping it rank higher in search results.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the umbrella term digital agencies use to refer to the practice of marketing your business using the digital medium. It involves the use of many techniques such as SEO, SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Affiliate Marketing, amongst many others.

While the purpose of the SEO was just to drive traffic to your website, Digital Marketing takes it a step further and help you achieve the goals and objectives you’ve set out to achieve through your business. It helps you bring your brand ahead of the competition and establish your online presence, allowing you to research and reach your target market. Engage them in a meaningful conversation and understand their needs and wants. It helps your business to evolve by understanding the changing trends and adapting to overcome any obstacle hindering the sales of your products and services.

The house of the future comes from the past design

The house of the future comes from the past design

In the seventies there was a tendency to imagine a portable house, like a shell, light and transportable, like the Ugoomosphere of Ugo La Pietra or the transparent inflatable office of the Austrian Hans Hollein. Decades before the mobility of young people of “Generation Rent”, these architects have imagined a nomadic life by choice thanks to technology, using then new materials such as perspex and polycarbonates for furniture and structures.

The Florentine design group Superstudio , legendary pioneers, in the early seventies had imagined the world covered by a “universal network”, which would bring electricity and energy everywhere, allowing people to go where they wanted to become nomads sophisticated by choice.

“Design coincides more and more with existence”, wrote Adolfo Natalini of Superstudio at the time, imagining a “world without products and without waste” and “a homogeneous land through a network of energy and information that becomes the natural support of a new and improved life “. A world wide web ante litteram, then, but also an ideal of non-consumer life, lived freely and without the imprisonment of a single place or the limitations related to the possession of objects and furniture.

ART 21 December 2018
Thomas Gainsborough, family portraits
In line with this visionary idealism Enzo Mari with Self-planning, in 1974, he creates a guide to self-sufficiency, teaching how to create all the necessary furniture and objects in a simplified form using only simple materials, hammer and nails. A “democratization” of design that anticipates the goals of Ikea, sponsor of the exhibition.

Already in 1958 French director Jacques Tati had mocked the unrestrained consumerism and the craze of modernism at all costs in his film Mon Oncle, winner of the Oscar in 1958. The model of Villa Arpel, the supermodernist house, is on display and ultra-geometric film, impersonal and unlivable, where every noisy gadget and object aimed at simplifying life actually makes it impossible.

The Telematic House of Ugo La Pietra, in 1982, is a house in which the TV screens are integrated into every object and in every piece of furniture, anticipating the omnipresence of the screens in contemporary life and also the controversy over the lack of privacy.

ART December 14, 2018
Impressionists compared
Some forecasts have proved to be completely accurate, such as the need to use every square inch of a house to the maximum, anticipating the “microliving” of today’s overcrowded cities with ergonomic designs and imaginative solutions.

In the projects of the time the dining table emerges rising from the floor. The mobile kitchen moves on four wheels. Ettore Sottsass imagines bathroom and shower furniture, a modular system that frees the home from consumer goods and makes every object multifunctional.

Sheet metal and new possibilities for design

Sheet metal and new possibilities for design

If the design has no more limits and is entering our homes, with the tailor-made processing of metal sheets, you are able to generate new solutions for both interior details and real home deco on facades of buildings, houses or offices. The great advantage of these solutions is the raw material used. Sheet metal, generally of metal, has a low starting production cost, which depending on the imagination that we are able to release, takes on variable costs depending on the processing that is going to develop.

Are you thinking where to use small design features?

You can customize the whole house, starting from the protection of the facades, then “cushioning” the possibility of a wall being exposed directly to water, or to the sun, or simply to give a more particular form: wave sheet if you like the sea, or fully flowered, if you use it as a lattice for climbing plants.
Gutters and drainage channels for rainwater, are the immediate uses to which our mind takes us back, but imagine them colored or perforated able to recreate the threads of water, almost small waterfalls appeared on the island that there is not .
Even banisters and gates are good for this type of material because it allows you to play with full and empty, I see and I can not see, then create more or less privacy according to our needs and our privacy.
The sheet metal sheets can also act as excellent applications for acoustic, electrical or thermal insulation, obviously correctly combined with other insulation materials.

On the other hand, if we think of industrial or commercial uses, we can not but imagine partition walls, walls for furniture or to develop new proposals in the field of lighting technology.

There is a great advantage in using this material. Being particularly ductile you can work to meet the most different requirements of each customer, (there are specialized companies such as, for example, Actis Furio in Milan ) and you can think for different sizes and thicknesses. In fact, there is no limit in its construction, because if it is a unique and wide wall, you can easily proceed with welding, while for small jobs there are machines that can recreate even tiny details. More or less thick knits, particular textures, personalized colors, are all important details for the consumer, but they are excellent solutions if we think about the environment, since these finishes are entirely recyclable and require very little maintenance.
Another advantage is their longevity. They deteriorate over time, and can take “vintage” effects depending on the weather they are exposed to, but in fact they are a good compromise between aesthetics and practicality.


Develop a brand that demands attention across all channels, whether you’re starting from scratch or just looking for a refresh.

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